Friday, July 8, 2011

Where's Bella Been?!

Bella's been on a bit of a summer vacation from blogging, but she's back now! We're coming up on our one year Bella-versary, the anniversary of the day we brought her home! So what's she been up to this summer?

Well, to start, she got her first summer haircut. She's spoiled by our air conditioner and HATES the heat. We take her out a lot to family functions or pretty much anywhere we can get away with having her and she does not tolerate the heat very long, even with the air conditioning on in the truck. So we'll probably be keeping her in the lion cut from May on into the summer months. She's about halfway grown out now so I may consider pushing her haircut back to June so it lasts longer in the heat for her or I may have them give her a closer clip. I didn't take her as short as the Persian that I used to have, but her issue was more about the heat and less about matting so I didn't think it was that big of a deal to not go the peach-fuzz route, but it wasn't really an issue. Here she is, rocking her new short coat:

She looks SO tiny without all that fur. She's small to begin with (She's never been over 6 pounds) but you can really see it without all the fur camouflaging her petite figure.

So now that she has this short 'do, she can really get to get her paws dirty with some summer adventures! Jim and I have been doing a lot of fishing this year and we bring our catch home to clean and fillet. One day, we decided to let Bella see what we've been doing this whole time while she's stuck at home. She was very curious about the fishes we caught, but she didn't really want to eat them as much as she wanted to swat at the ones who were still moving around. We tried to offer her some fresh fish, but apparently she turns her nose up at anything that doesn't come in a can.
Recently, we decided to take a big risk with Bella. When we take her to picnics and the like, she doesn't have the luxury of air conditioner and she refuses to eat or drink anything if we aren't at home so I worry about her keeping cool and hydrated. While making a quick stop at Petsmart one day, we saw kiddie pools being sold for ten bucks, probably for dogs and puppies. Well, this kitty loves to be in water and has no problem getting a bath so we figured it might help keep her cool outside. We bought it and it was a great idea. She walked around in the water, laid down and enjoyed the sun while staying cool and probably stayed in there for a good half hour or so. It was a great idea, except that when she wanted to get out, she didn't just hop out and go on her way... she jumped up on my (fully clothed) lap while I was dipping my feet in the water with her. Next time we try that, I'm wearing a swimsuit.