Friday, March 4, 2011

Bella loves her 'lobber'

Bella asked me to talk about her favorite treats today. She is CRAZY for Meow Mix Crustacean Crunch treats. I've been having trouble finding them in the store lately and was afraid that they were discontinued since I originally stumbled on them for something like sixty-two cents. Well, Bella started to run out of these treats because she loves them so much so I had to resort to stocking up via Amazon. Bella now has a stockpile of her favorite treats! They come in little seafood shapes, crab claw, shrimp and a lobster tail. The lobster tail is definitely her favorite (or the 'lobber' as we say with her) and she will do anything to get it out of our hands. After finding lobber crumbs in the bed, I may have to limit where she can have her nom-noms though. Bella is a messy eater :)

As I said before, Bella is nuts for these treats. She has a pretty healthy diet and is a pretty fit kitty, so I don't feel too bad for spoiling her. We all deserve a treat sometimes! They're her guilty pleasure, although I don't think she feels too much guilt about it.