Friday, February 18, 2011

Bella's Birthday Celebration!

Bella celebrated her first birthday on Valentine's Day! We took her to PetSmart a day early to let her pick out her presents and this is what she chose! She loves to climb so this was a perfect present. For some extra fun, we'll spray it with catnip spray (Bliss Mist, she's crazy about it) and she will scale the sides like a tree trunk. She loves to jump through the hole in the top and attack the feather attachment. She's very protective of her new condo too because if we pretend to scratch it like she does, she comes running to guard it and show us that it's hers. I love it because it gives her something to jump on that isn't the kitchen table or counters. She was so happy when we brought this home for her. I'm glad she got an awesome birthday because she's an awesome kitty who deserves nothing less!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bella can haz friends?

Meet Bella!

This is my blog, dedicated to my Himalayan cat Bella. 

Bella just celebrated her first birthday and it inspired me to start her a blog so she can share her adventures and cuteness with the world. 

Bella is extremely active and is what we call "The Anti-Cat". She defies all of the standard behavioral characteristics of your typical Persian or Himalayan cat. She loves to run, jump and climb. Her favorite place to relax is the highest surface she can jump to. She will even jump out of your arms and onto the top of an open door so she can either balance like a tight rope walker or drape herself across the length of the door and lounge. Bella is a VERY spoiled kitty. She has more toys than I can keep track of, but most of the time she is perfectly content to play with a straw wrapper or a crumpled piece of paper. We recently uncovered a pile of garbage underneath our bed where she has been stealing and hiding paper, wrappers, receipts and anything she could find. This kitty is not the one you see in the Fancy Feast commercials. She loves to get dirty. I think she's the messiest eater that I've ever owned. She also plays in her litter box after it's been cleaned out because she loves to dig around in the fresh litter. She hates being brushed so grooming can be a huge challenge. I've found that it's less stressful on both of us if we have a groomer shave her belly and rear end so it cuts down on having to brush out any mats that she may get there because brushing her belly is always a battle. Also, unlike most cats, Bella loves to take a bath. We usually bathe her once a month if she doesn't see the groomer.

 My favorite thing about her is that her gorgeous blue eyes! These big round eyes make for some great expressions that make you think you can read her mind. I spend a lot of times just watching and studying her because she is so fascinating. She goes anywhere that we can take her and she is the star of the show wherever she ends up. We've also noticed that she loves to watch television. We recently watched Cats 101 together and the WKC Dog Show. She will sit in front of the television on the floor and meow at it if she gets really interested. Other times, she will actually jump up to the TV stand to get a closer look. She is still very 'kitten-ish' and I hope that it sticks around for awhile. I love her energy and curiosity, even if it sometimes gets her in trouble. I take pictures of her almost everyday, so why not share them? I hope everybody enjoys my Bella as much as I do!