Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Peppers Pic Dump

Since Peppers has been MIA for awhile, I figured that it would be nice to post some pictures of what she's been up to!

Summer nap spot. 


Treat overload!

Such a lady. 

Really, she's quite refined. 

All tucked in and ready for bed. 

Pirate Kitty. 

Deciding to reorganize my nail polish stash. 

Harumph. The Indians lost... :(

Peppers, the ninth reindeer. 

All curled up for a nap in her new t-shirt from her favorite Aunt Megan. 

Halloween 2011, as the Queen of Hearts. 

Using Daddy as a bed. 

Her second birthday trip to Petsmart to pick out her present. This year was a smaller cat tree and scratching post!

Sorry for the lack of updates! Hopefully a pic dump was sufficient lol!

Monday, June 11, 2012

We have a new addition! Peppers (formerly known as Bella... that name just didn't fit her personality!) was reunited with her sister from her actual litter last week. We welcomed her sister into our family after her owner passed away and after a short period of adjustment on all ends and nerves from the new kitty, she has settled right in and become another member in our little family. 

I was finally able to get a picture of the new addition, sitting with Peppers. Her name is Sugar, but we've found that she actually doesn't really respond to a name because she was called so many things. Jim's been calling her New Kid, so we'll see what nickname actually sticks. I thought Peppers was a tiny cat, but this one is even smaller. They're sisters from the same litter so I'm wondering if Mom was smaller too. I think I've figured out that she's a seal lynx point but I have trouble telling them apart if I can't see their faces. The only issue is that she's extremely matted, to the point that I'm just getting her shaved down next week. Her owner was really sick for a few months before he passed away and lost control of her grooming. Once she gets the mats off and grows out, I'm sure she'll be nice and fluffy. The non-matted parts of her are very soft and fluffy. I was going to try to get some of the mats off myself but there is no way I'd be able to get them all out without hurting her and I don't want to risk it with a cat that barely knows me. 

She is VERY affectionate though and became my shadow as soon as I brought her in. The introduction went much smoother than I expected. There's been some growling and hissing, but no physical confrontation. Peppers took one swipe at her for going near her bag of treats but that's been all. Progress has definitely been made because I caught them playing together after a few days and when I walked out to investigate, they were sitting together on the floor. We had some issues with getting acclimated to the litter box, but that has all been resolved. She's very slowly getting more comfortable with her surroundings. I have millions of cat toys around here and she's taken to a few of them. Peppers is a little iffy about sharing, but I'm quite proud of her because she could be handling this a lot worse. I'm hoping that by the end of the summer, they'll be running around together and causing chaos as a team. I'm so happy we decided to take her in because she's such a sweet girl and very complimentary to Peppers' bold personality. Hopefully I'll be able to keep making regular updates on them because their lives both just got a bit more interesting!